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Good Evening My Fab Beauties (Wink)!

I have to admit that I have been seriously snoozing on Butter London Nail Lacquer. I was browsing another blog and came across Butter London. It was the most amazing color… It was a vibrant yellow and I was just in awe! You can see the color below. (Thanks Monique! blog.powderandcurls.com) The Fabulous, Monique told me that I could find it at Macy’s. But I was still curious, so tonight, I decided to see if they had a website and By Golly they do! If you are a polish head then you could die and go to heaven there!!! It’s like another OPI.

So Fab Beauties, these are the colors that I ordered!!! You know I had to order the GOLD to represent the USA and our very own Gabby Douglas.  Yay! She did such a great job!!! Kudos!!!

In the days ahead I have so many reviews to do and so little time… Well, at least I will have plenty of new posts coming up!

Make a mental note: I’m going to be doing a giveaway soon and one lucky winner will win their very own GOLD by Butter London!

So, tell me what you think about the colors? I would love to hear from you! Cherry

The Full Monty Nail Lacquer

Does what it says on the bottle. Full-on molten gold nail lacquer. A beautiful colour that is always classy, never brassy.


HRH Nail Lacquer

A proper royal-purple nail lacquer. Even the Queen would agree, and she never agrees with us.

Blagger Nail Lacquer

A striking cobalt blue nail lacquer. A summer staple in every trendsetter’s lacquer wardrobe.

Cheeky Chops Nail Lacquer

“Why, no – I do not have a banana in my pocket – but I am happy to see you.” Get noticed with this bright yellow nail lacquer.