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Alright Ladies and Gents,

Here is part two of my review for my Summer VoxBox.

I. Clear Hair and Scalp Therapy: This shampoo and conditioner is fabulous. The shampoo feels like it has conditioner in it when you are washing your hair. Its very silky and smooth feeling. I have pretty soft hair that could tangle while I’m washing it, if I am not careful. However, I didn’t have to worry about that with this shampoo because it was almost like a detangler. This shampoo gives a great lather and it smells good (SUPER PLUS). The conditioner was like a detangler as well. I left the conditioner in for 15 minutes while I did some other things around the house. After I rinsed, my hair was super soft and manageable. Combing through was easy and when I blow dried my hair I had a sheen with out adding anything additional. I have to say I was pretty satisfied with this product. Must have ladies!

II. Sally Hansen Hand and Nail Crème: This product is another great must have. I used this crème everyday all day especially each time I washed my hands. My hands were very soft afterwards and even after wetting my hands I could still feel the lotion. On thing I noticed right away was the peeling skin around the cuticle ceased and I didn’t have the dry edges around my cuticles. I used this product for a little over a week to be able to give a thorough analysis.

III. Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Sunscreen: Well with the heat wave we experience, I can definitely tell you that this product came in handy. This product was a definite life saver. I barely tanned and it did not come off while sweating and wiping off my skin. I didn’t have that heavy lotion feel to my skin. It went on like silk (No Joke!). It smelt delicious too, LOL. I would recommend.

IV. Radiant Always/Tampon: Well… What can I say. Just the standard feminine product . I’m not too sure how I am supposed to explain this one. The packet came with a scented tampon and a scented pad. I would not recommend if you are very sensitive or allergic to perfumes around your “girly area”. Unscented is the best option and my recommendation. Love the little purse it came with though! (note: Always and Tampax gave me this product sample)

V. Quaker Banana Nut Bar: Not a favorite for me. I love banana nut but it was a little over powering for my taste. I loved the almonds though. If you are a fan of banana nut then this is your healthy snack of choice.