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The new face of Lusters Pink Haircare Products, Ms. Meagan Good. I love this cut and much more like this better than her longer locks from past movies and events. This style gives her a more mature and edgier look. 

I have always been a fan of short hair. It’s just so versatile, however, I do use extensions for a longer look every now and again. Mostly during vacations, because I can pin it up.  This style looks even better with honey blonde streaks! I am not a fan of jet black hair.

A word to the wise, though: Shorter strands don’t always translate to low-maintenance primping. Take Meagan Good. To properly execute this lopsided coif, each one of her on-display locks had to be sculpted to perfection.  However, if you are good with curlers, like I am,  you could do this in no time!