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Hey You! Hope your Wednesday is off to a great start…

Today I was feeling a little purple… I got up this morning and put together the perfect ensemble. Purple Cardigan, Black Slacks, Wedges and Pearls.

I was feeling very “Office Lady-ish” (LOL), and trust me with this outfit I fit the part fabulously.

The one piece of my outfit that I absolutely love is my necklace. It is a single strand sterling silver chain link of pearls with three different shades of purple. I feel that this necklace is very attractive and versatile with its violet, orchid and eggplant pearls. I wore this to a wedding last month and got a lot of compliments because of its simplicity.

This piece is just what the doctor ordered for June. For those who may not know, the birthstone for June is an alexandrite (light pinkish-purple stone) and pearls so this gives double the pleasure! Lastly, it’s inexpensive… Woo Hoo!
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